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Review Of Services Offered By The Pulmonary Diagnostic Laboratory: Overview

This packet of information (like the “Indications for Pulmonary Diagnostic Testing” summary) was developed in an effort to inform and standardize the concepts of the various Testing Profiles (grouping of individual tests) and Special Studies offered by the Pulmonary Diagnostic Laboratory at UWHC. The primary intent was to improve the quality of delivered services, and improve the patient experience, through a consistent understanding and implementation of provided testing options. Additionally, this (combined) information was used as the basis for QA/CQI initiatives that evaluated provider understanding of the testing procedures, and applications, that were offered by the Pulmonary Diagnostic Services. The information also provided the foundation for the development and implementation of UWHC Pulmonary Diagnostic Laboratory specific Technologist Driven Protocols (TDPs).

The intended audience, of this information, was primarily Pulmonologists (Faculty, Fellows, Residents), as they were considered to be the ambassadors to the Laboratory. Having a consistent understanding of what the intentions were for each test should enhance the quality of delivered services when pulmonary specialist testing recommendations were made via consults, clinical encounters and/or discussions with peer providers.

The “Review of Services” also provided the Pulmonary Diagnostic Technologist a reference base to make test suggestions, to the referring HCP, if the request was to evaluate the subject, or if there was a potential discrepancy in ordered procedures (see also Technologist Driven Protocols section).

  • A hard-copy of this packet was provided (as a reference) to each Pulmonary Fellow and Resident, or any interested provider. It was also posted in the Pulmonary Diagnostic Services interpretation room, the Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and updated as needed.
    • Current EHR systems can easily accommodate similar information as a pop-up screen

Please note that some of the procedures listed are no longer in “vogue”. However, they are included here since they were part of the information foundation that provided guidance on the description and application of the available testing options. They are provided as informational only as testing and test recommendations may have changed since their inception. These test descriptors might be useful as a guide when developing, evaluating and implementing well designed Pulmonary Diagnostic procedure descriptions for a specific laboratory service.


The purpose of this packet is to briefly explain the content(s) of the various testing profiles and special studies as performed by this laboratory. They are as follows:

Testing ProfilesSpecial Studies
Complete Pulmonary Diagnostic TestsPulmonary Exercise: Non-Invasive, Invasive, for Desaturation Only
Small Airways DiseaseBronchoprovocation: Methacholine, Exercise-Induced, Frigid Air at Rest
Upper Airway ObstructionNutrition Analysis (Indirect Calorimetry)
OncologyVentilatory Drive: Hypercapnic, Hypoxic
Pre-Op: Thoracic SurgeryArterial Venous Shunt
Pre-Op: Non-Thoracic SurgeryPulmonary Mechanics
Neuromuscular DiseaseTransdiaphragmatic Pressures
 Occlusion Pressures
 Oxygen Dose Determination: Rest Only, Exercise
 High Altitude (Flight) Simulation Test (HAST)
 Breath Hydrogen

Infant / Toddler Pulmonary Diagnostic Tests
** Please refer to the Review Of Services Offered By The Pulmonary Diagnostic Laboratory “Testing Profiles” and “Special Studies” pages contained in this Focus Areas section

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